Functional and Aesthetic Nose Surgery

Dr. Loader regularly performs nose surgery to ease the often highly irritating symptom of chronic nasal congestion.
The correction of a skewed nasal septum is an operation where the deviated septum is put back in its correct position, to allow the free passage of air through the nose. The optical form of the nose is changed only minimally on occasion, but mostly it is not even noticed that the nose has been operated upon after a few weeks of recuperation.

Rhinoplasty, colloquially known as the „Nose job“, is a different operation all together. This procedure corrects defects of the bony parts of the nose, in addition to those of the cartilage septum (septoplasty). This procedure results in an optical change of the nose, which in turn changes the visual perception of the face.

Cartilage defects or insufficiencies of the tip of the nose can also be surgically corrected. There are cases where the sides of the nose (supported by the alar cartilage) is so weak, that it collapses during inhalation. This „alar weakness“ can be surgically treated.

The nasal turbinates are dynamic structures, able to swell and shrink within the nasal cavity. If this nasal cycle is disturbed, turbinate surgery may relieve nasal congestion successfully.

Dr. Loader performs functional-esthetic surgery. However, he does not perform elective nose surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. Although he offers counseling for patients who are unhappy with the form of his/her nose, Dr. Loader performs functional rhinoplasty. This refers to correction of nasal fractures or other structural defects resulting in the reduction of nasal breathing.