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Wednesday    15:30-17:30

Thursday    15:30-17:30

Friday         15:00 – 18:00

Private Consultation! Consultation by pre-arranged appointment only:


What is a „Wahlarzt"?

Dr. Loader practices medicine as what is called a „Wahlarzt“ in Austria. Translated, this means “doctor of choice”. This implies that Dr. Loader runs a private practice, where the patient has to primarily finance his care himself, then recieves a detailed report, which can be sent to the local Austrian insurance (or private insurance), to apply for a refund of a percentage…


Costs vary according to the length of the consultation, the diagnostic services needed and the complexity of the issue at hand. Most commonly a routine consult costs around €160,- per consult. Further follow-up and counselling rates vary according to complexity and duration. Vertigo consutations are more complex and therefore have a starting fee of €160,-. Hearing tests and other aparative tests are billed seperately. Prices are subject to change and the amounts mentioned here serve as orientation in preparation of your consultation, and may be changed without notice.

As mentioned above, all patients will recieve a report that may be submitted to the relevant public or private insurance company for a partial or complete refund.

Payment is due directly after the consultation. Cash and „Bankomat“ (= Austrian ATM Cards) payments are possible.

Delayed payment with bank transfer slips are not accepted.

Book a consultation with Dr. Loader

Please ensure to book a 30 minute time frame when making an online appointment. Please remember to bring all medical documentation with you. If you wish to dicuss MRI / CT scans, it is essential to bring the actual „photos“ (scans) along as well!


Surgeries are performed in the Döbling private hosptial as well as in the Rudolfstiftung Teaching Hospital, depending on the type of operation and the wishes of the patient. In either case, each patient recieves detailed information about the diagnosis and honest and understandable councelling pre- and postoperatively. Should you need surgery, or plan on having surgery done, it is advisable to speak to your insurance company in advance, to confirm coverage, so as to avoid a misunderstanding.