Vertigo / Dizziness Diagnostics

The diagnostics and treatment of vertigo and dizziness can often be a lengthy and difficult process. It ever so often leads to the patient meandering from doctor to doctor, speciality to speciality without ever receiving a definitive answer. To date, the number of private physicians specialised in vertigo and dizziness diagnostics in Vienna is limited. Dr. Loader has headed up the ENT vertigo outpatient units of the Vienna General Hospital and is currently head of the ENT vertigo unit in the Rudolfstiftung Teaching Hospital in Vienna. He has had extensive and repeated international training at a wide variety of symposia and conferences both locally and abroad. He has also presented various papers and lectures at conferences around the world, ranging from Cape Town to Turkey and South Korea.

Balance and body control are handled by a complex system. It consists of a multitude of impulses from the balance organ in the ear, the muscles of the body trunk, extremities, neck as well as from the eyes and, in a sense, the cardiovascular system. All these impulses are then transported to the brain, where it is then processed and used to adapt to surroundings and to complete planned movements.

Dizziness and vertigo may result from any number of disturbances of this „balanced“ system. Dr. Loader approaches dizziness diagnostics in such a way, and explains it accordingly, so that the patient actually understands the strategy of diagnostic measures and therapy modules. He aims to avoid unnecessary investigations and employs structured treatment strategies. It is also important to eliminate the fear and negative expectations chronic dizziness patients often develop.

Dizziness may, amongst others, have its origin in the eye, ear, brain, neck, cardiovascular system or in the psyche. To ensure the right course of action, vertigo diagnostics entails a direct, open and honest discussion of symptoms, triggers and therapeutic options, so as to obtain optimal results.


Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) – a reminder:

If you have been diagnosed with BPPV and Dr. Loader has schooled you in the reposition maneuvers you need, here is a reminder:

Right-sided BPPV 

Left-sided BPPV

Gufoni – Horisontal BPPV

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